We've known each other for quite a long time, but we never thought that our professional paths would one day cross. However, a day came when we decided to join forces and fulfil our common dream to build our own brand, aiming to create a unique, functional product – NOT WET coats.

The idea was born out of a lack of a product (even on the global market!) that would meet our requirements when it comes to such outdoor clothing. The market was swarming with products lacking colour, faminity and elegance.

Add to this the never-changing expectation that the coat has to be warm, comfortable and cosy!

NOT WET are not only coats. It is a project through which we want to show that colour is not something a woman should be afraid of, nor does it mean lack of elegance. Our aim was to prove that regardless of the season, NOT WET coats can look chic and classy. Last but not least, they are also perfect for travel, which is one more of their benefits.

As a result, in 2016 we created our brand producing innovative, outdoor, urban clothing.

Karolina - I am a legal advisor by education. I worked for many years in an international legal firm and then I learned what is important when running own business. Besides developing the business, I write books. My first novel „The other part of the city” was published in 2017. I am passionate about design, in a broad sense. I have a husband, three children and a dog.

Paulina - I majored in Management at the University of Warsaw. I have been involved in business to various extents for many years. I know what to do in order to develop a company so that the customer is satisfied. For eight years, I had my own business. Currently, I work in the real estate industry. Fashion and healthy eating are a permanent element of my life. I did numerous courses and training in these fields, including personal styling courses. Since childhood I have also played tennis, to which I dedicate every free moment. I am a happy mum of two children.


As conscious consumers, we choose products which foster sustainable development. We value individual approach to the customer, as well as high quality of products and respect for human work.

NOT WET coats are produced only in Poland in cooperation with Polish companies and sewing houses. We take care of every detail. We want our NOT WET COATS to be worn all-year-round and to this end, besides BATIK (100% super durable Dutch cotton), we use fabrics which ensure protection regardless of the weather (technical fabrics with membrane). The outer fabric is characterized by high water impermeability (coats with the water column 5000 mm and 1000 mm) and high breathability at the same time (RET<18).

NOT WET coats combine what has been unprecedented: water-resistant fabric and exotic, durable cotton! For total water protection, we also seal the stitches in our raincoats.

We want our products to be varied but at the same time versatile enough for every customer to feel comfortable wearing them.


We know that Africa has always loved BATIK. It is a joyful and iconic element in the complex and often sad history of this Continent.

When looking for original, beautiful solutions for our NOT WET RAINCOATS, we discovered  this unique and resistant cotton. The decision to use it was made quickly and without much debate.

We wanted European women fall in love with BATIK and appreciate it as a fabric of unusual properties and unrivalled quality.

As part of our business activity, we also started cooperation with Szymon Hołownia's Good Factory FoundationSzymon Hołownia's Good Factory Foundation, which made it possible for us to use BATIK in our products. The funds gained by the Foundation through this cooperation help support its cause in Africa.

We are open for further cooperation with non - profits organizations, because we truly believe that beauty can serve good.

We respect companies that have been engaged in traditional, local cloth production for a long time and we are willing to cooperate with such companies. We believe that their centuries of experience give an absolute guarantee of the highest quality of our products.  

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